We Imagine it Together.
We Build it Together.

What to Expect

Sound Advice is a small consultancy specializing in shaping, scoping, strategizing and get projects off the ground.
Advice comes from an extensive background in product & business development with hands on solutions to increase speed.


I bring energy and force to your product scoping, specification work and execution. Ideas generation, project management and execution all in one.


Digitalisation is finding value and delivering tools for the end user, and at the same time create healthy workflows within the business.

KILling darlings, polishing gems

Finding value for end users, using scalable and digital tools, is very often about stop doing things accumulated during the years.

finding the right goals & KPIs

Understanding your own path towards success is key. Realtime KPIs, simple enough to engage the whole business is imperative.

building websites

Part of many processes is seeing. I can build mock-up websites to get the feel for the product ahead of launch. Or help the end product itself.

making music

Making music, in all kinds of shapes and forms, has been a vital part of my career alongside online business and product development.

Come & visit me today.

We can meet in all kinds of ways. Video meeting, in real life, in a Slack or other collaboration tools. I prefer to mix meeting forms as they bring out different aspects and beat. If you come to Oslo, the last thing you will see is a meeting room. Strolling the city together is the best meeting environment. 

About Me

Vast experience from music and media business, building services and tools with a lean process in mind. Both for the business and for the customer. I’m in it for the everlasting learning curve, the fun, the people and for doing things right and not go for the shortcuts.

Wherever I work I try to be a shot of vitamins adrenalin. Go to the core of what the customers really want and deliver on that.

Suit or slacks? Just tools in the process. I don’t think opinionated is a negative word, as long as I am also labeled as a good listener. Opinions make things move. I get things done.

I like structure, and I like going beyond structure in a creative manner. I am a creative person.




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Please contact me, even if it is just to spar on an idea.

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Heggelibakken 23A
0375 Oslo, Norway


+47 99218310

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Time, resources, scope and quality.
Finding the right balance is key.

Pål Bråtelund